Great on baked beans!
An Oklahoma original!
Order yours today!
Tastes great on burgers,
ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken
and EVERYTHING cooked on a grill!

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We've changed the look of our webpage to celebrate our Big Change!  My Brother Oog's BBQ sauce has now been branded by Marcus Dupree, famous OU #22 football player. 




Since the change, the sauce has really taken off and is reaching more venues than ever before.

Our new label is being welcomed in ways we had never anticipated and represents the new partnership of our sauce.  The new bottle is currently only offered in 36 oz. size in the original flavor but soon we will be offering the additional sauce flavors and dry rub seasonings called 'Stadium Staples'.

And yes, it's still the same great MBO's bbq sauce.  Only the label has changed!

 Along with our food items, we are also offering the grey logo on T-Shirts and hoodies. Don't forget, we will be offering additional items in the future.



We are looking forward to the exciting journey we have ahead and hope everyone joins us. 


 marcus small bottle