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A little bit of Oklahoma history... in "My Brother Oog's Barbeque Sauce"

For years, Loyd Moreland (known as Oog by close friends and family) spent time smoking meat for barbeque get-togethers with friends.  And, of course, no good barbeque is complete without the right sauce to top it off.  Thankfully, Loyd is no stranger to the kitchen either, and he spent many hours perfecting his popular barbeque sauce.

In 1989, he finally perfected his recipe and since that time, family and friends have not been able to get enough of his special barbeque sauce.  People are always asking him to make them some.  Loyd only gave a certain few his recipe, and before long, many of us were making his barbeque to give away as Christmas gifts.  Loyd would also make his barbeque sauce and give it to his buddies in the racing industry.

By 2011, the requests for Loyd's barbeque sauce were so abundant that it became impossible to keep friends content.  So his sister decided that it was time to label the barbeque sauce and market it - so that more people could enjoy the great barbeque sauce our family loves.

In fact, the name for the barbeque sauce actually originated with a common statement made to his sister by those wanting the sauce.  "Hey, when can we get some more of your  brother Oog's barbeque sauce?"

Not only is the name special, but the logo also depicts the true heart of a man who loves his horses. The label on each bottle shows a race horse with the OOG trademark in the center.  This trademark was first printed for jockey silks and jackets to represent Loyd's horse training business.  Now, it also represents another part of his life.... his amazing barbeque sauce.  And thus begins a new legacy.


  Loyd (Oog) Morelanbd and Janet Moreland